WebPodium Online Business Success Process of Strategy, Execution & Optimization (S.E.O.) for Small and Medium Business (SMB) Clients.
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WebPodium S.E.O.

"Success isn't what you accomplish in Your Life...  It's about what You Inspire Others to Accomplish in Their Lives." - WebPodium Philosophy

WebPodium S.E.O. is not just Search Engine Optimization... WebPodium S.E.O. is about Proactive Strategy, Execution & Optimization (S.E.O.). Knowledge in itself is not Powerful.

Knowlege ONLY becomes Powerful when Results-Driven Strategy is Executed.

Technology and Today's Digital Marketplace Customers change continually, so Business Process must quickly adapt to maintain a Competitive Advantage.

WebPodium is Your Online Business Success Partner. We offer a wide range of Business Services from and Productivity Tools to Manage Business Systems, Protect Data, and Promote Your Online Business from Idea to Startup to Enterprise.

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Website Visibility

"Website Visibility is an aggregation of how and where your Business Website is found online and it is the Focal Point of Your Online Presence."

Your Business Website is the Focal Point of Your Online Brand. Every Asset on the internet links back to it and it is where Customers get their 1st Impression about Trusting Your Business, Products & Services.

Online Assets created by our S.E.O. Process (Blog & Social Media Posts, Press Releases, Business Directories, etc.) link back to your website as Organic Traffic, thus making your Website Visible to Your Customers.

Investing in Your Business Website is Top Priority to Gain Customer Trust.

Targeted Marketing

"Targeted Marketing Success is Achieved when Business Objectives, Strategy & Execution are in Tune. Knowing Your Customer's Persona and Demographics is Key to Sales Conversion."

Targeting Your Customer Market is all about the S.E.O. Process. When Customer Personas, Search Intent, and Frequented Websites are known, Demographics and Marketing Insights are utilized to drill down the Campaigns into Qualified Leads.

Using Local Geo Ads to Target a Competitor's Physical Location with Your Display Ads is an Extremely Powerful Marketing Campaign. This Marketing delivers Pre-Qualified Leads who already frequent Your Type of Business.

Save Time, Increase Marketing Reach by using Competitor Marketing Budgets for Your Benefit, and Market to Pre-Qualified Customers. Qualified Leads Convert!

Managed Services (MSP)

"Managing Business Systems and Running a Business is difficult. Downtime and Emergency Support are Very Expensive Stopping Productivity & Profitability. Concentrate on Your Business and let our IT Experts Manage Everything for You."

Your Best Opportunity for Successful & Profitability is to stay Operational. WebPodium Managed Support Services (MSP) provide 24/7/365 System Monitoring and Real-Time Ransomware Virus Protection.

We Manage & Support Software Updates, Cloud Backups, System Restores and Officemate Application Support for Ophthalmologists & Optometrists.

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Business Website Design & SEO

A Business Website is the Focal Point of Your Online Business that Presents Your Brand to Your Future Customers. 

5-7 Secs is all you have for a Positive & Trustable 1st Impression.

Technical On-Page SEO cannot be ignored, as the Competition Today is Fierce.

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Managed Support Services (MSP)

We are a Small Business Managed Services Provider (MSP) Specializing in HIPPA Certified Practice Managment System Servers and Officemate & Liquid EHR Applications for Ophthalmologists & Optometrists.  

We offer Server, Workstation, and Mobile Disaster Recovery & Cyber Threat Ransomware Virus Protection and more.

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Local GEO Ads & Digital Marketing

Local GEO Display Ads are Powerful Advertising Mediums to Only Target Qualified Customer Demographics.

GEO Conquesting & Retargeting are a proven Ad Strategy enhanced by Your Direct Competitor’s Marketing Budgets. 

You Really Want this Marketing Advantage!

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Understanding that Every Business is Unique, is one of WebPodium’s Strengths!

Digital Marketing is an aggregation of Unique SolutionsServices, and Productivity Tools.

Although your business can be categorized in a specific vertical industry or customer market, what you do for your customers, may be very different from your competition.

This is what creates Your Business Advantage, right?  We will help Present it to your Customers.

WebPodium’s Vision turned Mission, is to not try to squeeze our customers into a Digital Marketing Box of Services. We didn’t want to be in a box and believe you want the same freedoms for your business.

Our Business Consulting Services improve Ad Campaign and Content Marketing Messages. Search Engine Optimization of this information on your Website adds to Web Presence reach.

We will need to know what makes your business unique and differentiates it from the competition. This is what your Customers are looking for, let’s give it to them.

What is most important to us, here at WebPodium, is that you are becoming more successful in your business. We accommodate your timelines and priorities as Your Success Partner.

We Optimize Your Website to Work with Mobile Phones

In 2019 the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to easily pass the five billion mark.

Ensure your business website is well optimized and mobile friendly so that you don’t lose the Customers of Today’s Digital Marketplace.

What Customers Have to Say About Our Services

Our Digital Marketing Website SEO Services is dedicated to the Success of Our Clients and these Real World Success Results are documented in our Customer Reviews.

We badly needed Design and SEO services for our local landscaping business to get more clients. We saw the first results after 2 weeks & now after 3 months we are #2 on Google! Thanks, WebPodium!

Adam Strong

Owner, Grass & Tree Landscaping

Most of my clients came to me from Facebook so I decided to do some SEO on my Website to get better ranking… Now I have two more employees working with me because I have so many new clients! Thanks to WebPodium!

Victoria Rhineheart

Owner, Glamour Queen Salon